MITE 6323

Thursday, June 01, 2006

6323 ~ Reflection and Self-Intro

In the first class of this module, basic concepts about visual data/information representation have been introduced. I have learnt various ways to enhance the quality of the communication through some real time demonstrations and example illustrations.
This topic is not new to me, as I have studied some similar subjects like this one before, what I am really looking forward is to see the differences with contents for bachelor level vs. master level.
Data/Information is not hard to capture and represent, with the use of visual aids, those can be exchanged in a pretty effective and efficient manner. But how about knowledge (which settled individually, and each individual may have their own interpretation)? That’s rather hard to represent the hierarchical relationship among pieces of information (except those with simple horizontal relations ~ such as sequence or time). How to break through such limitation? How to bring the knowledge sharing into a real practice?
There are several methodologies that I believe is quite similar (used in Information System Design to those used in Visual Data Communication) ~ such as the idea of simplicity (generalization) and customization, where those will bring a value-added service or experience to the users. Color is another issue, I still remember that, the lecture has told me that we have to be carefully when selecting the use of color, because color has its own meanings to the reading, for example, red means dangers, caution etc, and sometimes those meaning will be some how related to traditional issues, for example, white will be used very common in foreign countries during wedding, but never in Asian countries, because white will only be used in Funeral.
That’s an interesting topic to learn and can brings lots of further discussions. I think interactive visual representations are essentials for the teaching and learning process as complex ideas can carries on to the students through the use of interactive visual representations.

PS. One thing to be noted, is that never try to put too many information into a page or single source, information will be messed and have its result totally different to what it aimed (reader will be scared away, or those data/information has been misinterpreted by the user!

The self-introduction of mine ~ Martin Yu

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello World!!

Hello world!!